Dow Corning sustainability

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Dow Corning sustainability

What does sustainability mean for Dow Corning?

  • It means working with our customers to develop materials and solutions that help address some of the most pressing needs of our society.
  • It means acting responsibly in our own operations to protect our environment and our people.
  • It means partnering with communities to help foster a quality of life for today and for future generations.

The journey towards a sustainable future has started …

As we work to create products, processes and technologies that meet environmental and social needs, we are also focused on our own environmental impact as a company. Dow Corning is transforming its business strategy to help customers to be more efficient, innovative and sustainable as they navigate dynamic economic, social and environmental megatrends.

Consultancy firm Frost & Sullivan recognized silicones supplier Dow Corning Corp. for the company’s sustainability efforts with the 2008 Global Specialty Chemicals Corporate Leadership Green Excellence Award, the organizations said in a Nov. 10 statement.

Specific achievements identified by Frost & Sullivan include:

  • Energy Efficiency, with significant improvements made through initiatives such as plasma gasification technology, and the use of solar panels as a power source at one of its largest manufacturing sites located in Wiesbaden, Germany.
  • Solar Power: The company owns a majority stake in Hemlock Semiconductor Corp., which manufactures 30% of the world’s total supply of polycrystalline silicon. Dow also is involved in research at its Dow Corning Solar Solutions Application Center in Michigan where the company is working to reduce the cost per watt produced of solar energy to make solar technology a viable, sustainable energy option, globally.

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