Polartec and Repreve put bottles to use

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Polartec, a leading manufacturer of technical, high-performance fabrics, is partnering with Unifi to introduce fabrics made with Repreve 100 — a recycled fiber made with 100% clear plastic water bottles.

When you look at post-consumer waste, the numbers are staggering. More than 21 billion plastic bottles enter landfills every year. Happily, Polartec and Repreve 100 can now help consumers make a difference – one shirt, one jacket, one pair of gloves at a time.
One pound of Repreve 100 yarn uses approximately 27 water bottles. Just think… now when you recycle those plastic bottles, you could end up wearing them!

A Recycled Fabric Innovator

Over 25 years ago, Polartec created the first recycled fleece. Working with Unifi, Inc., maker of Repreve, Polartec has grown its total production to over 35% recycled in the past four years – combining post-consumer and post-industrial Repreve recycled fibers from Unifi. While Polartec has already significantly reduced carbon emissions and energy consumption, its goal has always been to use as much post-consumer content as possible. Making fabrics with Repreve 100 allows Polartec to make even more recycled products. Providing an even bigger reprieve for the planet.

Making Recycled Fabrics Perform Like New

When performance really counts, Repreve stands up to the job. Polartec chose new Repreve 100 fiber in part to keep reducing its overall footprint. But just as important, fabrics made with Repreve 100 have the same look, feel, and performance of those made with virgin polyester fibers. Repreve 100 allows Polartec to offer its demanding customers 100% post-consumer recycled fabrics in the right colors and styles. And with state-of-the-art performance properties.

Look For The Repreve 100 Tag

Polartec fabrics are used by the top brands in the world for performance apparel, outdoor gear, and athletic wear. Polartec products range from lightweight wicking base layers, to insulation layers, to extreme weather protection. Polartec fabrics are also used extensively by all branches of the United States military. New products made with Repreve 100 branded fibers will be available exclusively from Polartec by spring 2011. So keep an eye out for the Polartec Repreve 100 tag in clothing stores and online. It’s your promise of Polartec performance. And integrity.

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