Flainox targets carbon emissions

Posted by on lug 10, 2010 in Corporate News | 3 comments

Flainox is showing its new Universal NRG garment rotary dye extractor, for which it has calculated the full lifetime CO2 impact. It claims the user can cut greenhouse gas emissions by 29%, representing a saving of $1.6 million over the typical 15-year lifespan of the machine.

The Italian company, in Hall W5, Stand C70, says the carbon footprint of the new machine has been investigated over its complete lifespan, from the extraction of raw material and manufacturing, to the use of the end product by consumers, and end-of-life processes. The impact analysis was limited to emissions that have an effect on climate change (carbon dioxide, methane, etc).
The study focused strongly on “hot spots” for eco-design on and eco-efficiency Improvements,leading to a new energy concept for rotary dyeing, which Flainox calls “NRG”.

It says the carbon footprint of the Universal NRG, through all its lifecycle – estimated at 15 years is 18,830 tonnes of CO2 equivalent, with 99,7% of greenhouse-gas emissions occuring during the usage phase. Flainox says that with the new machine it has already achieved substantial a CO2 reduction of 5,500 tonnes per machine, equivalent to more than 23% in comparison with the standard model. The carbon footprint of production site in Italy has been halved in one year.

With a liquor ratio tha can be as low as 4:1, compared with the standard 8-12:1 already achieved with the NRP/Universal range to which the NRG is an addition, Flainox says the textile-plant user can achieve a lower carbon footprint, less energy consumption and lower costs.

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