Blue Carbon Certification

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Blue Carbon Certification

Flainox s.r.l. has completed the environmental certification on the emission of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases. The study commissioned to REXIZON was conducted in January 2011.

It has been calculated the carbon foot print (total absolute emissions) of CO ₂ and GHG produced by the company in 2008, 2009 and 2010 according to ISO 14064-1 and 2 / 2006 and (PAS) 2050:2008. They were chosen emission factors ISPRA (Institute for Research and Environment of Rome) and IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).

The results of the study are highlighted here below :

Year 2008 (-2) Year 2009 (-1) Hystorical average Year 2010
Absolute data T/CO₂ eq. 284,0 228,5 256,2 216,8
Relative data T/CO₂ eq. per machine 23,7 10,4 17 9,3
Relative data T/CO₂ eq. to sales 86,6 65,0 75,8 43,5

The figure of absolute emissions in 2010 (the year of application) was reduced by 15.4% compared to the historical average. Result is even more significant (-45.6% and -42.7%) achieved on historical data and machinery sales.

It  has been recognized  the  Blue Carbon Certification by Rexizon:

A very positive result that will be further stimulus to the search for improvement of corporate conduct in respect of the mission has long adopted.

Continuing in the line set in 2009 Flainox has successfully conducted the verification and validation of the Life Cycle  Assessment of the  series of rotary dye-extractors  “NRG-Universal. ” The aim was to confirm and further reduce the emissions of CO ₂  and GHG during the life cycle of the machine.

Compared to the relative value of 24,330 t / CO ₂ eq. there was a reduction of 8,353 T / CO ₂ on the previous model.

This result was achieved thanks to the pressing action of the balance of quality and ways of producing materials (-54.6%), eco-design and assembly (-77.1%), transport / logistics (-24, 4%).

The use stage have recorded a significant 34,3 % reduction in GHG and CO ₂ emissions and  consistent savings of water, steam and chemicals.

The result means the proper management and mitigation made ​​by Flainox and spurs the commitment to continue the search for better solutions.

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