Ecomondo 2011

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Ecomondo 2011

9-12 November 2011 Rimini Fiera – Italy 15th International Trade Fair of Material & Energy Recovery and Sustainable Devolopment.

Flainox was there!

Ecomondo is the biggest expo of green technologies and new lifestyles, a special forum where businesses in the environmental and sustainability sectors can meet institutional stakeholders, trade associations, local/central governments, NGOs and all types of industries and goods manufacturers, to discuss new models of economic growth driven by a focus on innovation, clean technologies and a new approach to urbanization and social contexts.


A dedicated forum for KEY MARKET PLAYERS to meet and share experiences on the green economy.

An unrivalled source of information and training on ecologically sustainable materials and energy efficiency for recycling and waste recovery operators.

Ecomondo 2011

An exemplary plan of action for businesses and local bodies that have based their business, competitiveness and quality standards on sustainability.

IntexusaA single point of interaction to discuss the requirements and best ways of doing ETHICAL, RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS.

Environment Minister Stefania Prestigiacomo attended the opening ceremony with official authorities on Wednesday 9 November.

The sharp rise in the numbers registering to attend is a sign that Italian businesses have embraced the green economy (and the importance of the environment) as an important new challenge for their business and also a means of gaining an added competitive edge.

There has also been a positive response from the green equipment.

Ecomondo 2011

Ecomondo 2011


Optimisation of dyeing processes with UltraSonic Technology and its integration with automatic on-line control


The usage of auxiliares (dyestuffs, solvents,…) must be NOT necessary, where it’s possible, and not dangerous if used.
GREEN CHEMISTRY Energy and water comsumption MUST be reduced.

Wool fibre at FE-SEM, Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope, before and after UStreatment.

Wool Fibre

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