Textile dyer cleans up its act

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Textile dyer cleans up its act

Chinese textile dyer cleans up its act

GUANGDONG – Circular knitter YuenShing Textiles, which has dyeing operations in China and supplies apparel retailers such as Esprit, Tommy Hilfiger, adidas, La Senza and Li Ning has been given a clean bill of health after the company appeared on the pollution index for pumping noxious fumes into the air.

Hong Kong headquartered YuenShing, which has an annual capacity to produce 22,000 tonnes of knitted fabric per year, has been taken off the ‘red list’ of polluters from the not-for-profit IPE ‘China Pollution Map’ after a recent audit found it had improved its environmental management.

The China Pollution Map, which is published on the IPE website, is being used as an effective tool to drive environmental change in the Chinese textile and other manufacturing sectors. It provides live pollution data collected from government sources and ‘names and shames’ polluting companies

YuenShing was flagged up as a serious polluter by the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs (IPE) after it emerged the company was violating local waste gas emissions laws at its dyeing and finishing facility in KaiPing, Guangdong, China. However, after visits from officials, the company agreed to a third-party ‘Green Choice Alliance’ audit, which then resulted in YuenShing providing the required environmental supervision records and detail of corrective measures to comply with local air discharge requirements.

The ‘Green Choice Alliance’ is an affiliation of the IPE and 45 other participating environmental NGO members in China.

“Hong Kong YuenShing has completed the required rectifications and been compliant with related environmental management requirements”, said a statement from the IPE. “The (IPE) office agrees that the company ha carried out changes on its environmental protection credit, cancelling the company’s 2011 serious labelling as a ‘red’ (polluting) company.”

See more at: http://www.ecotextile.com/2013022011924/dyes-chemicals-news/textile-dyer-cleans-up-its-act.html#sthash.Ys5Dt3hp.dpuf

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