Swedish textile event

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Swedish textile event

Political talks light up Swedish textile event

STOCKHOLM – At a meeting hosted by the Sustainable Fashion Academy, stakeholders in the Nordic sustainable fashion sector, and UK representatives, called on Sweden’s Environment Minister – who was present at the event – to develop an environmental profit and loss account for the textiles sector among three Nordic countries; as the Minister also called for much closer links with sustainable apparel initiatives in the UK. John Mowbray reports from Stockholm.

In front of around 200 people at an awards ceremony following an off-the-record brief on Nordic initiatives for a more sustainable fashion industry, Sustainable Fashion Academy director Mike Schragger led calls for bolder environmental initiatives from Nordic governments.

“We need to integrate CFO thinking into sustainability in the fashion sector,” said Schragger directly addressing Lena Ek, Sweden’s Environment Minister – who herself has been previously involved with REACH legislation. “We would like government ministers to create an environmental profit and loss account (on textiles and fashion) with three Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway),” he said.

Listening closely, Ek also heard calls for “investment in education on environmental issues,” (for fashion students) and “the establishment of a Knowledge Institute on sustainable textiles”. Another representative of the SFA told the Minister it is important to be able to “clarify and emphasise the resource management of textiles by developing policy tools”.

With the minister busily taking open notes on the discussion, Schragger suggested to her that official political links should be set up between the UK and the Nordic regions on sustainable apparel. Rather surprisingly, she agreed to take this forward, saying: “this should be set up” as she was shaking hands with Baroness Lola Young, OBE, also at the event, and who sits in the House of Lords in the UK.

Sweden’s Environment Minister takes a good degree of interest in textiles and sustainability, especially in terms of resource efficiency and chemicals legislation. “Going forward we (EU) will be looking more closely at biocides and anti-microbials on textiles and clothing,” she said, and hinted that “brominated flame retardants and hormone disrupting chemicals,” will come under further EU scrutiny.

More information on the event will be published in the next printed issue of Ecotextile News magazine. To reserve a regular copy subscribe here.

See more at: http://www.ecotextile.com/2013022711934/materials-production-news/political-talks-light-up-swedish-textile-event.html#sthash.3e6wIDts.dpuf

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