Green Jeans

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Green Jeans

According to Texas University Professor Seshadri Ramkumar, Nonwovens at Texas Tech Laboratory, his colleague Professor John Dueber, Department of Bioengineering at Berkeley University, California, is understanding the natural pathway in indigo plants and trying to mimic the dye synthesis in the laboratory. In nature, a precursor called “indican” which results in the dye is covered by a sugar coating. When the sugar coating is broken, the coloration happens

According to Berkeley’s Bakar Fellows feature, Professor Dueber’s laboratory has identified the enzyme that is responsible for the sugar coating in indigo plants. The researchers plan to synthesis the dye using bacteria. By inserting the gene that is responsible for the sugar coat enzyme and using other additional genes, the indigo precursor can be synthesized without using synthetic precursors. Currently used synthetic raw materials are toxic to aquatic systems and result in polluting the environment.

The research is in very early stages and is supported by a five year grant from Bakar Fellowship program.

Blue jeans has been with us for over 140 years and co-invented by Levis Strauss and Jacob Davis in 1873. Globally, the denim industry is valued at USD 60 billion. According to Cotton Incorporated, on average, each U.S. consumer owns seven pairs of jeans.

Source: TextileFuture

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