Patent for natural fireproof textile fibers

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Patent for natural fireproof textile fibers

The use of synthetic fabrics fireproof for the decor is now indispensable, given the new requirements in terms of safety.
However, the negative influences that synthetics fabrics cause on the internal microclimate aren’t negligible.
The tissues of naturally derived, on the contrary, can act positively on human health and ensure the health of the surrounding environment; these tissues are in fact non-allergenic, anti-static and their contact with the skin creates positive feelings.
COEX is a project born from the will of two companies, Zanolo and Torcitura Padana, to offer a full range of fibers and fabrics of high quality.
COEX fireproof fibers and fabrics find possible uses in all textile applications where it’s required to comply with the most important international standards of fire protection. A 100% natural product, created with materials and fibers of vegetable origin such as linen, cotton and viscose, rendered completely fireproof through an innovative patented technology that doesn’t use chemical additives or flame-retardant resins that may come in contact with skin and environment.
Phosphorus, nitrogen and sulfur, in fact, going to modify the cellulose molecules in the fibers and plant compounds, make the materials safer and biodegradable.

Source: Greenews

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