Who are we

Dyeing machines since 1968


Thanks to the excellence of the textile sector in our area, the Biella area, we have been operating for more than 50 years in the construction of systems and machinery for dyeing and finishing. Born in 1968 in Quaregna, we have acquired and refined our skills: from the design of the machines up to their realization, all over the world

Our production

Our particular ability is to know how to build, from design to development, rotary machines for dyeing any type of garment which is packaged while synergically cooperating with our customers. The involvement, collaboration and empathic bond allow us to satisfy every customer's need and expectation. In our production process, attention to the environment is not lacking, in fact environmental sustainability is our business card and involves the entire organization chart.

Cutting-edge technologies

All our machinery and systems are equipped with the most modern technologies. Experience has allowed us to develop and improve technical skills to offer products of the highest quality capable of operating in respect of the environment, which is the value at the base of our entire production chain. We are in fact capable of producing, from design to construction, cutting-edge dyeing and finishing machines, increasingly efficient and with a reduced environmental impact.

Flainox in the world

Our strengths

Being well aware of the importance of the dyeing phase of packaged and spun garments, we build high precision, effective and efficient dyeing and finishing machines.
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Spare parts and assistance
In our Quaregna plant we manufacture and build single spare parts, guaranteeing maximum assistance and highly qualified service to our customers.
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Environmental sustainability guides our every choice when designing new machines, preferring technologies with reduced environmental impact and low carbon emissions.
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